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Wednesday, April 11, 2001

False Confession...
OK. OK. It wasn't really us who set fire to the Retro Bar last night. Honest. I spoke to Wendy (the manager) earlier. She's been doing carpentry all morning to fix the damage caused by the firemen after we left. They pulled out most of the back part of the bar apart to try and find the source of the burning smell. Eventually they found the cause of the smell - a ventilation motor in the basement was overheating and pumping the smell up to the ground floor where we were sitting.

The Pop Quiz prize money will now roll over to next week. According to Wendy if the quiz hadn't been abandoned then Gary's team (?) would probably have won with 16 points. His team will get a bottle of champagne as compensation next week. Wendy checked all the entry papers and told me that we came second with 15.5 points (who am I to argue?) So again we lose by a nose. What say we go for a full team next week? Darren...? Dave...?

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