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Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Excert from Monopoly tips and tricks...
Know how to conduct yourself as a player (This is the most important principle of all)
Present yourself as the type of player others won't mind losing to.
Most players don't like losing to:
- browbeaters
- insulters
- know-it-alls
- careless players
- inconsiderate players
Most players don't mind losing to opponents who are...
- diplomatic
- gracious
- knowledgeable
- careful
- considerate
Why is this so important? MONOPOLY usually cannot be won without gaining the cooperation of players in trades and financial settlements. If you don't have a reasonable rapport with your opponents, you'll have a tough time making beneficial trades.
i.e. get their trust then shaft them.
Thanks to brainsluice for reminding me about how much I love Monopoly.

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