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Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Forever the same...
Following on from David's "I've never..." item.
I've been to B&Q, Halfords, Homebase, IKEA & Iceland (online and off). I been driving for 22 years. I've been to Scotland. I've got off and on the tube at both Queensway (skating) and Barons Court (some friends live there) many times. I've seen every Derek Jarman film, broken a leg, an ankle and both arms. Ridden a skateboard and those micro scooter things (electric and foot powered). I've watched Dawsons Creek (once), Buffy (twice), Angel (once) and every Star Trek spin-off (but couldn't bring myself to care less about the Bajorans). I've read every Harry Potter (including the two new Comic Relief ones). Remind me again what we have in common, David? :-)

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