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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Top of The Pop Quiz...
We WON! We WON! We WON! Well, to be honest we didn't win but we did bloody well. 18/20. Last night It looked like I was going to be the original "Billy-no-mates". No David, no Dave, no Ian, no Darren, no Karl, no Adam, no Nikki, no chance. I was sad old team-of-one. There's nothing like being in a crowded, for it was crowded, pub on your own. Everyone else had friends and team-mates to chat laugh and play with. I was standing in the middle looking lost. Then all that changed. Wendy the fabulous landlady spotted me and after a mwah, mwah on each cheek said, "On your own? Where's your lot then?" "All sick", I said. She looked at me quizically and made the drinky-drinky motion. I made the noddy-noddy motion. "We'd better find you someone to play with then." She scooped me up and after considering and then rejecting the idea of pairing me with Peter "one-of-seven" Borg she spotted two friends of her's who obviously must have owed her a big, big favour. I was duly introduced to Corinne and Jane and perched on the end of their table. I felt a bit like a foster child meeting new parents. Will they like me? Will they ignore me? Will they resent me? As it happened we got on famously. Turns out they're coming to Soft Cell on Friday at Ocean too. DJ Lush was feeling a bit under the weather i.e. hungover from a party the night before. Wendy announced this to everyone over the PA and said that she had been to a Shalamar party the previous evening. I chipped in, "You can tell she made It A Night To Remember!" People were throwing-up with laughter I can tell you... OK, it got a laugh. The quiz itself was along similar lines to one a few weeks ago about film actors. In this one though when you hear a song or two you then have to piece together the name of a children's TV show. The clues could be a word or part of the title of the song, the band or the band members. It was great fun. Examples Metal Guru by T. Rex + Mickey by Toni Basil = Metal Mickey, Hong Kong Garden by S & the Bs + The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and News = Hong Kong Phooey (ouch!) and the rather obvious What Is Love? by Howard Jones = How. It got worse though. Motorbiking by Chris Spedding + Into the Groove by Madonna = Byker Grove (double-ouch!). We all had great fun with lots of booing and hissing at the bad puns. Generally they were all pretty easy. As you can see from our score we tripped up on two though. It's Only Rock and Roll But I Like It by The Rolling Stones + Firestarter by The Prodigy foxed us as did Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers + I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats. Answers on a postcard...

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