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Thursday, March 15, 2001

Coke is it...
"Common commodities such as honey and sodium bicarbonate, acidic fruit juices and oils have been used through history as spermicides. Three Harvard researchers note that Coca-Cola is said to be favoured for this purpose in some developing countries and was touted in Western world folklore as a contraceptive aid in years gone by. No documentation of the soft drink's spermicidal capabilities was found, so Dr. Sharee Umpierre and two colleagues decided to test Coke in some of its various formulations in their lab. They found that Diet Coke was a most effective spermicide and the original formula Coke was also quite effective, five times more so than the reformulated "new" Coke. "Although not recommended for postcoital contraception, partly because sperm can be found in the oviducts within minutes after intercourse, Coca-Cola products do appear to have a spermicidal effect," the researchers found. "Furthermore, our data indicate that at least in the area of spermicidal effect, 'Classic' Coke is it." Thanks to the New England Journal of Medicine for this invaluable information.

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