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Saturday, March 17, 2001

Penultimate Night in Sodom...
Last night the second Soft Cell gig at Ocean was more polished than the previous night and much more enjoyable for it. Five extra songs (one of them new) in the central section of the running order helped to flesh out the evening from sixty minutes to a ninety minutes. If you're going tonight don't watch the final encore though. Why? Well, on the projector screens over the bar they show the banned Sex Dwarf video. I had never seen it and it's bloody fantastic! Everyone is dressed in leather and bondage gear and throwing around raw meat and rolling around with dwarves and strippers and prostitues. It's a scream.
The complete running order then is:-
Monoculture (new song - probable new album title)
Forever The Same
Divided Soul (new song)
Last Chance (new song)
Baby Doll
Best Way To Kill
The Art Of Falling Apart
Somebody Somewhere Sometime (new song)
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go?
Say Hello Wave Goodbye (as 1st encore)
Martin (as 2nd encore)
Sex Dwarf (as 2nd encore)

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