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Tuesday, March 06, 2001

It's in the paper...
From the Guardian: "Moments before the attack Mr Mugabe had finished off a lunch of smoked salmon and chicken with wild..." - it's always good to know what a facist has for lunch, eh Guardian? Go Peter!

Thanks to the Guardian (again) for this about the Lib-Dems' attempt at attracting the pink vote. "And at a gay cafe in London, Charles Kennedy was working the homosexual vote. He would defend the party line on gays on radio, TV, and 'to any journalist who you care to put in front of me!' When you're running third, you have no need to fake sincerity." Too true.

From today's Guardian (OK so I read it cover to cover!) this article about pop music. "It is axiomatic that every generation thinks the music of its youth was a benchmark of pop greatness. Because of this, it isn't thought seemly for someone over a certain age to pass judgment on any scene that wasn't created for them." We like to think we transcend such snobbery don't we David, Dave and Ian? As usual we shall be demonstrating our broad and deep knowledge and appreciation of all things 'pop' tonight at the Retro Bar's Pop Quiz. Let's hope the gorgeous Darren can make it too.

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