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Thursday, March 01, 2001

End of the affair...
It's over. At last. I can breathe fresh air again and I feel strangely elated. The weight that was crushing me has finally been lifted. I'm almost floating. I was dreading the end. Would he make things difficult? Would there be tears and recriminations; bitterness and regret? Would I have to go somewhere else? How would I react to a change of routine? Would I be in shock? Just how sad would I feel? In the end he made it very easy for me.

It was 9:05am. It was raining. I was just paying for my new improved recipe less than 5% fat Spaghetti Bolognese. Then it all happened so quickly. Immediately I knew we were finished. It was over. He had simply looked up and looked right through me. He had just blanked me. Not a smile, not a nod, not a word. Within moments he was talking to some ugly looking strumpet on check out number five. My Sainsbury's security guard had moved on. Though our affair had lasted not quite 24 hours, I thought we really had something going. Something real. But I was deluded. It wasn't me he had been interested in. It was the fact that I would listen to him. And he'd already found someone else who was a better listener than me. Someone who not only nodded and smiled back at him but also asked him questions connected with him on a level that I hadn't been able to. My security guard had found someone else to bear his soul too. Someone else to connect with. Someone else.

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