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Monday, March 26, 2001

Strange Days...
In the last week I've done three strange things. Strange for me that is.
On Tuesday I gave all the money I had on me (£7.62) to a man in the street who said his Landrover had run out of petrol.
Why is that strange?: It was midnight in a deserted street with no obvious sign of a vehicle in sight; I have no sympathy for drivers stranded or otherwise (I work for an oil company, for fecks sack!); he wasn't even cute.
On Sunday I did something my mother warned me against - I accepted sweets from a stranger.
Why is that strange?: It was 7am in Trade; I don't like sweets; he wasn't cute either.
On Friday I turned down doing something with somebody (modesty prevents me saying it here).
Why is that strange?: I don't normally need to be asked twice; he wanted me to do it; he was cute. Very.
My world is upsidedown at the moment.

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