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Friday, March 16, 2001

Last Night (in Sodom)...
The 17 years wait was over. Last night I went to Ocean to see Soft Cell. They were tremendous. Some new songs some old songs. More details later when my hangover subsides (did I mention there were free drinks all night?)

Back again (Nurofen has kicked in). Ocean is a fantastic venue, not too big, not too small - it reminds me of the Mean Fiddler in Harlsden. You can dance downstairs as there is no seating to get in your way. The flythrough doesn't do it justice. Soft Cell were amazing. Marc dressed in black, looking thin as a rake and white as a sheet. He camped and vamped across the stage with the confidence of the diva that he is - never letting the night stoop to the level of glorified karaoke. Dave Ball stoood behind his equipment looking a bit lost. The memories of the early 80s all came flooding back each time you recognised the opening chords of the next song. The running order was:-

Monoculture (new song - very Soft Cell)
Forever The Same (3 hour version!)
Divided Soul (new song - nice)
Last Chance (new song - David's comment "Meet Me In My Dreams" with knobs on is about right)
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go?
Say Hello Wave Goodbye
Sex Dwarf (as an encore)

Marc was a Fabulous Star thoughout. My dad was right though. All he needs is tits.

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