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Monday, October 30, 2023

S Club @ O2 Arena…

Last Saturday night, Tim and I went to the O2 Arena in glitzy North Greenwich in order to see the recently reformed, slightly slimmed down, but gloriously energetic S Club (7).   

What an amazing show it was!  

We danced, we sang, we laughed - who knew that they had so many hits, or that we could have remembered pretty much all the lyrics?

Yes, it was mainly women and the gays in the auditorium, but my goodness there was a lot of love in the room.   

The woman next to me was with her son, and she showed me a picture of the first time she had taken him to a gig. It was S Club 7 when he was just five years old and they were both back again, reliving those precious moments. This time he was taking her. I took a photograph of them, while everybody had their phones lit up to a slow song, and they both almost burst tears when they saw it.  Such is the power of nostalgia.   

Yes, it was just Bradley, Joe, Jon, Rachel and Tina up in the stage but the five of them put on a great night. It was bright, it was lively and it was fun.  

The packed O2 were on their feet from the first bars of S Club Party, and the energy levels didn’t dip once. We could’ve raised the roof 100 times higher than it was.   

80 minutes of pure pop pleasure.   

S Club Party (Remix)
Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You
You're My Number One
Bring the House Down
Friday Night
Don't Stop Movin'
Good Times (Live footage of Paul)
Bring It All Back
Two in a Million
These Are The Days
Have You Ever

Never Had a Dream Come True
S Club Party (Remix/Reprise)

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