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Friday, October 13, 2023

Imperial War Museum (and Ted Lasso)...

Yesterday Darce and I had an afternoon out - both being nerds we went to have a look around the Imperial War Museum in London's glitzy Elephant & Castle. We tried to persuade Stuart to join us but he didn't fancy it. Perhaps unsurprisingly. It’s not to everyone’s taste.
The IMW explores conflict from WW1 to the present day. Whatever the opposite of glorification is - it does that. It doesn’t shy away from political, military and colonial wrongs. It does explain them clearly though.
The Holocaust exhibition was quite rightly upsetting. The Irish Troubles showcase similarly so. But for me the most emotional was the personal. The thoughts and reflections it brought back of my own family during war.
My granduncle Edwin who was killed in action in Oct 1916, my grandmother's cousin who died at the Bridge on the River Kwai in 1942, and my great-grandparents who were both killed when a V-1 flying bomb hit their house in Clapham in June 1944.
It's a sobering place I can tell you.
Afterwards, perhaps to cheer me up, Darce suggested we jump on a train to Richmond to do some Ted Lasso sightseeing! He knows I love Ted Lasso. And it was actually my first time in Richmond!
And Darce knew all the spots to see; Ted Lasso's Flat at 9½ Paved Court, The Crown & Anchor Pub (actually The Prince's Head Pub), Richmond Green, and the Towpath Richmond Riverside. Great fun.
We grabbed a bite to eat afterwards before I headed back into town for a crafty one at the Kings Arms. The way you do. Just to digest the day.
An interesting but fun afternoon out.


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