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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Arsenal 5 - 0 Sheffield Utd…

Pre-kick off, the winners of yesterday’s match between bottom of the table Sheffield Utd and the mighty Arsenal might not have been in much doubt. But the magnitude of the win, perhaps few could have predicted. OK, apart from you Joe at the gaygooners pre-game meet-up!
The first half of the match was almost boring to begin with. With out-of-form Ødegaard benched and Jesus out with injury - who was going to step forward to liven things up?
Would it be Saka our captain, or would it be Smith Rowe who was on the pitch for his first League start of the season?
No, step forward Eddie Nketiah. And what an afternoon it turned out to be for him. His first three shots on goal all went in. An incredible hat-trick for an incredible player.
The crowd were delirious.
The second half became a romp. Viera scored a penalty to make it four and Tomiyasu’s peach of a shot deep into injury time which sealed the day to make it five. Five mighty goals. And a clean sheet for Raya! Thank goodness.
Sheffield were completely out-fought and out-played by our boys in red. What a joyous afternoon at the Emirates.

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