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Friday, February 03, 2023

Mythos Ragnarök ⚔️🔥 Phenomenal, sexy, unforgettable, funny, homoerotic, adrenalin-pumping, riotous fun. Go see! @edgamester @mythostheatre @mythos.theatre @thustheguild @VAULTFestival

Last night Stuart and I went to watch Mythos Ragnarök at The Vaults in (or rather under) London's glitzy Waterloo.
Wow! What a show!
The brainchild of professional wrestler Ed Gamester, and along with a cast of a dozen or so other professional wrestlers male and female, we glory in some of the most intense and thrilling fight scenes ever seen in theatre.
It's Norse mythology meets pro wrestling. It's six-pack meets six-whack. It's double knee facebreaker meets troubled Freyr piss-taker.
With their collective tongues firmly in their cheeks, Odin, Loki, and crew must overcome primordial giants, rival Gods and Goddesses, and their own ambitions if they want to avoid Ragnarök.
It was phenomenal, sexy, unforgettable, darkly comic, often homoerotic, adrenalin-pumping, riotous fun. Go see!
Theres nothing else quite like it.


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