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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Day 6 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Today we had the opportunity to explore the lush Arenal Rainforest Reserve. It offered us spectacular views from the air of Arenal Volcano, the lake and the surrounding rainforest area. And lots of animals of course. 

First we took the 'Sky Walk' - a series of 120m high hanging bridges right alongside the canopy of tall trees, some of which have established themselves along the bridges. The rainforest canopy is home to a good variety of birds and wildlife, sometimes easier to view at this level compared to the forest floor. 

We saw loads of wildlife; tarantulas. parakeets, preying mantises, horny bees, passion flowers, variegated squirrels, army ants, leaf-cutter ants, the Santa Christa plant, Atlantic forest toads, black-cheeked woodpeckers and quite a few super fluffy white-nosed coatis. 

We learned a few interesting things too, not least that trees in Costa Rica don’t have rings. No seasons. They grow all year round. Fun fact. 

Then we took the ‘Sky Tram’, which is a slow-paced 20-minute aerial cable car ride, through the rainforest. The gondolas provided a smooth ride through the canopy, with extensive views along the way. A bit scary but fab views. 

Back on terra ferma we headed to a local town to seek out some comfort food; roast chicken, fried plantain, and some beers. A great opportunity to people-watch. Weirdly the local church was having a ‘Christ effigy refit’. Don’t drop him now. 

Another fun day. 

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