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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Day 9 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Today was a travel day. Leaving the lush green behind us we made the dramatic decent from the cloud-forest, across the continental divide, and down to the Pacific coast. 

The Pacific coast is hot. Very hot. Sunny and hot. 😎

We were travelling south. Right along the ocean front of the Pan-American Highway - for hundreds of miles - passing beach after beach. 🏝️ 

We stopped off to stretch our legs at Rio Tárcoles for the opportunity to see crocodiles swimming in the river below. Boy, there were some whoppers. 4-5m ones. We stayed way back. 🐊 

Eventually we reached Uvita - our home for the next couple of days. Where we intend to do…. absolutely nothing! 🍹 📖 🥘 😴 

It turns our hotel is a bit “White Lotus”. Well, off-white Lotus. Sadly no Leo Woodall yet though. 

Great sunsets too!

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