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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Buff @VAULTFestival @BuffThePlay

Last week Stuart and I went to watch one-hander comic play Buff at The Vaults in (or rather under) London's glitzy Waterloo.
Running like a bit of a stand-up routine, our hero has just had a bad break-up from a 6-year relationship, is a 32-year-old, plus sized, gay primary school teacher who finds he must sublet his flat to a buff Instagram model. It's a funny yet poignant solo-performed play (centring on the type of gay character who is usually left out of the story.) Buff explores the bizarre, the funny, the tragic, the cruel, the body image pressures, the jealousy, and the journey to self-acceptance through the world of online-dating and social media.
Buff is on at The Vaults - a series of performance venues joined together by a warren of arches, tunnels and passageways under Waterloo Station. It's a maze populated with bars, cafes and performing spaces. It is arts at its most immersive and most thrilling. A maze of the amazing.
Their mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others. It is underground art that is challenging, accessible and imaginative. These underground arts are literally underground.
At the moment The Vaults are running the Vaults Festival 2023.

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