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Monday, February 20, 2023

Day 3 : Costa Rica and Panama…

The thing about a rainforest is along with the beautiful forest you tend to get (surprise, surprise) rain. And when I say ‘rain’ I mean sudden, torrential tempests like someone has thrown bucket after bucket of water in your face.     

Almost precisely at sundown last night the heavens opened. A thunderous never-ending hammering deluge. We thought our cabin was going to collapse.  And shortly after sunrise this morning, as if by magic, it just suddenly stopped.      

We had already boarded a motor launch to the National Park by that point so unfortunately caught the tail end of the downpour.  But we were more than compensated by the variety of wildlife we saw from our boat.    

In just over an hour we saw iguanas, tiger herons, blue herons, baby jacanas, grey-cowled wood rails, anhingas, green ibises, macaws, toucans, a night heron, a cayman, a red fish-catching spider, and a few white-faced monkeys.   

Back at the lodge (and after some much needed breakfast) we took a wander around the lodge grounds and spotted a strawberry poison dart frog. And what a fine little fella he was.  Bright red and looking like he was ready to rock.   

And then a green vine snake. Who looked equally ready for action. 

Then after a dip in the pool, a few beers, and some lunch, we took another boat - this time to the coast stopping off at a village to have a mooch around and walk along the beach.       

Another good day. 

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