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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Day 7 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Today we left the volcano behind us and crossed the Arsenal lake in a launch to the beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest area. 

Green rolling hills, rainforests, blue skies, glorious sunshine and we settled on a great Swiss-style hotel perched up on a hill with an equally great view.

The room was fab. And after a beer (and lunch) we wander around the grounds and luckily for us found the hotel had its own microbrewery. Not only that, it was running an afternoon beer tasting. Sorted. Eight lovely beers all brewed on site. Wait, but what’s this? It was a bone fide GAY microbrewery too! Cute barman Issac gave us a tour and a good tasting. And his partner fired up the playlist; Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Herandez, Cerrone, and Sylvester. We were in heaven. Well, Heaven circa 1978.

90 mins later when we came to pay it was all “No, no, no. All free. All free”  What a perfect afternoon. 

Suitable lubricated we, perhaps rather foolishly, headed out on a night trail to the Bosque Eterno de Los Niños searching for the creatures of the forest. Luckily the noise of our hiccups didn’t scare off the plethora of wildlife we encountered. 

Agouti 🐀 
Blue-crowned motmot birds 🪶
Big blue morpho butterfly🦋 
Bat 🦇 
Orange-kneed tarantula 🕷️ 
Rufus and white wren 🐦 
Click beetle 🪲 (aka jeep bug)
Rainforest pygmy frog 🐸 
Wood thrush 🐦 
Albino tarantula 🕷️ 
MASSIVE orange-kneed tarantula 🕷️ 
Ground cricket 🦗 
Wilson’s warbler 🐦 
White-eared ground sparrow 🐦 
Rat 🐀 
Yellow stripe-sided palm pit-viper 🐍 
Plain wren 🐦 
Orange-bellied trogon 🐦 
Leaf-cutter ants 🐜 
Coppery-headed emerald hummingbird 🐦 
White Warbler 🐦 
Golden brown chorophonia 🐦

Slightly giddy with what we had seen we headed back to the hotel for dinner. Which was top class. And there was live music too. 

Stuart and I finished the night off with some star-gazing. Which was the cherry on the cake of a perfect day. 

Almost a week in and we are really starting to enjoy this country! 

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