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Monday, February 27, 2023

Day 10 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Today we splashed around in water. A lot. And found a secret beach. 

It was always going to be a rest day today. And as we are in a nice eco lodge right on the coast we thought we’d grab a book, hit the bar, and see if we could get those toes in the sand. 

The lodge didn’t seem to have its own beach however we hear rumour at breakfast of a hidden beach somewhere - completely cut off at full tide so timing was everything. Our interest was piqued. 

To warm up water-wise, as it were, we jumped into the hotel pool (which of itself was surrounded by jungle) for Stuart to practise his butterfly and me my doggie-paddle. Let’s put it this way, I’m not sure we’ll be competing in Paris 2024. 

Then we started to explore along the coast looking for this mysterious beach. We found a trail that lead through dense jungle. The path rose up and fell away as we navigated all the surface roots and various trees (and animals) barring our way. After about half a mile we came across a very steep descent and we heard the crashing of waves. Sure enough we’d found it. All but deserted, a beautiful tropic sandy beach cut off from the outside world. The water was the warmest we had every experienced. 32C or more. The waves lapped our toes and we splashed around in the water in the sunshine. 

We found a cave too with crabs climbing the walls. They scurried away as we approached. Fabulous. 

After an hour or so the belting heat of the sun got the better of us so we climbed back up the steep incline from the beach into the jungle and retraced our steps back to our lodge. 

Not content with our dips in both swimming pool and sea we had also heard there was a third place to go and swim. A ‘posa’ (basically a river rock pool) with cool clear fresh water. Sure enough we found the trail to that too and dived in. Bracing at first but then deliciously cooling in the tropical heat we swam and splashed about. An idyllic spot. 

Having sated ourselves in chlorinated, salty, and fresh water we did eventually head to a bar. Not least to actually drink some water. We were parched. And have some food. 

The afternoon was restful. The cocktails cool. And the sunset as glorious as the previous night. 

Time for bed. For tomorrow we head further south still. 

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