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Monday, June 03, 2019

USA : Day 12 : Ptown Bikes, Dressing Up, and the Red Inn...

Today was our last day in Ptown. So we were determined to make the most of it. 

To kick the day off, we hired push-bikes from the excellent Ptown Bikes and cycled out to Race Head across the dunes. Then we dressed up and sashayed through town (we were getting the hang of this sashaying) before heading out for a posh dinner at the Red Inn.

The dunes were great - there was a 6 mile cycling trail to follow through the woods, up and down the hills, and past the saline ponds until we reached the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful, serene, and bleached by the weather it was a beautiful sun-soaked journey across the end of the Cape. 

We returned to town for lunch and bit of light shopping beefier heading home to pack.  

As it was our last night we decided to dress up a bit and walk through the town. Stuart and I had bought colourful shirts earlier on this trip and Jo had, in typical fashion, dressed typically fashionably anyway. 

Our destination was the Red Inn - a hard to get in place whose food was legendary. When we arrived, we were treated like film stars - which was ironic as there was actually a bone fide film star on the premises   - Kathleen Turner.  Ms Turner was in town hosting a charity event. But it wasn't all about you tonight Kathy. It was our last night. So we ate like kings and queens and downed enough booze to sink the titanic. 

A fitting end to a lovely stay on Cape Cod. Tomorrow we head home. 

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