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Monday, March 12, 2018

New Fans, New Friends - @GayGooners...

One of the many great things about being a member of a football fan group - any football fan group - is the opportunity to meet new people.

So it is with Gay Gooners - I regularly get to meet new people - all Arsenal fans - some bi, some lesbian, some trans, some straight, and, yes, some gay.

We meet at meet-ups, we meet online, we meet at matches, or just randomly meet through other fans.

So it was this last week just gone I got to do just that. Meet some new fans. Some new friends. In this case in Milan. We got to hang out, chat, laugh and argue about the club be love. Because we do love it. Which is why our passions sometimes run as high as our expectations!

Anyway - I thought I’d just put this out there that through our joint love of this our club I have met some new friends. It is was great fun.

And what do friends do? Why they muck about on tour buses, they go for dinner together, they try to escape Escape rooms, they drink the odd beer (or three!) together, and basically enjoy each other’s company.

So my advice - meet some new friends through a fan group, go to a meet-up, chat to some fellow fans online, or just sit back and watch it from afar and click on a ‘like’ here or there.

In the Gay Gooners case you soon realise that you are all part of an extended family of Arsenal supporting LBGTQ+ fans (with many straight allies) and from where I’m standing... it’s been good to meet you all.

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