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Friday, March 09, 2018

AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal...

It was very exciting to get the chance to go the San Siro stadium in Milan last night to watch Arsenal take on AC Milan in the Europa Leagure last 16.

As we arrived at the space-aged looking concrete stadium we were watched closely (and filmed) by machine-gun armed soldiers. At the stadium itself we went through numerous body searches - some extremely thorough. I think Body Checker 653 and I might be going steady now - I’m not sure though - he’s not returned my calls.

The away fans get to sit way up in the Gods so we had first a strange climb up a steep ramp - a never-ending spiralling column of corkscrew concrete. Eventually we were not far below the roof - which is 60m up! Ruddy high!

The away seating area wasn’t that busy so we had free seating.

The game itself was great. We played well and got an unexpected win. A performance we have not seen of late. 

Henrikh Mkhitaryan's first goal for the club put the us ahead, cutting in from the left to fire in with the aid of a deflection off Milan skipper Leonardo Bonucci.

Wenger spoke before the game about his team showing fight without compromising their attacking principles - and they delivered in a dominant first-half performance.

Aaron Ramsey deservedly doubled their lead before half-time, collecting Mesut Ozil's piercing pass through the centre of Milan's defence to round keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and tap in.

The score stayed the same for the second half for a much deserved win. We sang our hearts out. 

We were held back in the stadium for almost an hour after the game to let the local fans disperse and then boarded lots coaches laid on by Arsenal to take up back into the town centre and away from any potential trouble. 

A great night out. Really pleased I made the trip.

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