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Friday, March 25, 2011

That I still need your love, After all that I've done...

The first flight actually wasn't too bad. A bit of turbulence over the north of Brazil got me panicking somewhat but the Valium actually did it's work in the main and I slept much of the first leg of the flight. The last hop down from San Paolo to Buenos Aires was pretty event-free too. Being British Airways everything ran pretty smoothly.

Buenos Aires main international airport Ezeiza is about 35km (and 140 Pesos) away from downtown BA. There is a bureau to change at the baggage collection carousel which it's definitely worth using as were couldn't find an ATM on the airport concourse. The exchange takes most currencies so we changed a £200 (the more you change the better rate you get). It was about 5.5 pesos to the pound. Everyone seems to want a tip (not as bad as Egypt or Jordan though) so it's worth trying to get as many 10 peso notes in your wallet as you can muster.

Our first view of Argentina (out of the speeding limo window) was that it was fairly green country (apparently it rains at night). As we got closer to the city itself we noticed a distinct shabby European feel to the buildings. Bit like Cuba really.

Pulling up at our hotel - Axel Buenos Aires - it seemed quite nice albeit in a slight rough part of town. "It's coming up", said the receptionist. OK.

The rooms were nice - concrete, glass, jacuzzi bath - and after our long journey we were looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Only we didn't get one. At 11pm the the ground floor of the hotel turned into a night club. The whole room was shaking and jumping to the thumping bass. Our complaints went unheeded. At 2am it suddenly stopped. Apparently 2am is the time when people head out to the clubs. The next day we discovered that every Friday night the Axel holds a pre-club warm-up drinks party. Thanks for letting us know!
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