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Saturday, March 26, 2011

All you will see, Is a girl you once knew...

Once we had recovered from the 22 hour journey and the bad night's sleep due to the disco in the hotel we were set to start actually enjoying out holiday proper.

The buffet breakfast was really tasty and set us up nicely for a bit of exploring of Buenos Aires. We decided to take the tourist bus first just to get a feel for the place. We took www.buenosairesbus.com and over the next three hours took in Monserrat (where our hotel was), San Telmo and the old dock, La Boca area (pretty run down area but included the famous football stadium), Reserva Ecologica (the reclaimed land along the front), Puerto Madero (spruced up warehouses, restaurants and dock as many waterfronts round the world have been), Plaza San Martin (where the British Tower has been renamed post-Falklands), past the giant aluminium lily to Palermo Rosedal where the zoo is and on to Palza Italia (Evita museum). Then we headed back south past Recolta to Plaza Lavalle checking out the famous cemetery and colonial buildings on the way. We were basically checking out places we wanted to return to to the following day to explore in more detail on foot.

In the evening to went out for a gorgeous steak dinner at the highly recommended Gran Arrilla del Plata - a steak house of a picturesque corner of Chile y Peru. The rib-eye, sirloin and hour red went down a treat.

Luckily there was no disco at the hotel that night so we hot the pillow early and got a good night's sleep.
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