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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running around trying everything new...

This being our only full day in Iguazu we naturally wanted to go to the Iguazu National Park - a World Heritage Site if every there was one. It's a series of waterfalls rivalling Niagara Falls in volume but exceeding it in both scale and beauty.

We hired a limo for the day (180 pesos) and were dropped off just outside the park. 100 pesos each to get in. It reminded us a bit of Jurassic Park with it's jungle themed visitor centre, carefully laid walkways and yet potentially hazardous wildlife and sheer drops off hidden cliffs. WE needn't have worried though. It was all very tourist-friendly. A little train took us to the main waterfall - Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). We reached it by walking over a kilometre of metal raised walkways and it was well worth the journey. An amazingly thunderous torrent of water rushes over a horseshoe shaped cliff. Lots of spray, lots of water and lots of photo opportunities.

After that we took up couple of treks - one was the upper circuit of the park where we found a huge series of waterfalls and one was the lower circuit where we saw many of the same falls but up close and got a lot wetter. They were simple amazing to be honest. Beautiful classic waterfalls surrounded by lush green vegetation and wildlife all around. Butterflies of all colours would land on us and spread their wings as if wanting to be admired.

Stopping off at one of the many resting places for a bite to eat we were badgered by 'coaties' (ring-tailed possums) trying to steal our food. Quite frankly we let them have much of it. That bread was pretty stale!

We spent six hours wandering round and marvelling at the park and probably could have spent six more. Instead popped into the Sheridan Hotel for a large gin and tonic and a more panoramic view of the falls. Bizarrely there was a breast implant convention in full swing too. Go figure.

We were collected by our driver at 4pm and headed back to the jungle lodge for a swim, another sumptuous dinner and an early night. We decided against visiting the Brazilian side of the falls the following day so we could have a more leisurely morning before the flight back down the country to Buenos Aires once again.

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