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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking out of the window, Staying out of the sun...

Buenos Aires has a domestic airport just north of the city along the coast. It's called Jorge Newbery.

Late morning we checked out of the Axel Hotel, dropped our suitcases at reception and with just two rucksacks took a taxi to catch our flight. We were flying pretty much due north a thousand miles to Iguaza - site of the thunderous waterfalls on the border with Brazil.

We boarded our airplane - a Boeing 737-700 looking forward to a smooth flight. Hey what could go wrong? We were flying "tango" class.

Well, it was a fucking nightmare flight. We pitched, we rolled, we yawed, we bumped, we dropped, we shook. Even Stu looked worried at one point as we flew through a storm. The pilot got a round of applause after we'd eventually bounced down the landing strip. I was sobbing and had red marks on my hands where I'd been gripping the arm rests. Note to self: take Valium for EVERY flight from now on!

Still, we had arrived in the jungle.

Once through the terminal we grabbed a limo and headed speeding off down increasingly narrow roads to our little hideaway - La Cantera Jungle Lodge.

And what a beautiful place it was. The central building was a one-story structure made of wood with a pretty veranda, dining area, pool and charming tents and out-houses for lounging about in.

Our room was down a series of boardwalks deeper in the jungle. Equally pretty it was high up, had a balcony overlooking the jungle and was equipped with all mod-cons. Practically perfect in every way.

We settled in and then had a swim in the pool. Our fellow guests were nice. We got talking to this mid-twenties, tanned, muscly, friendly, straight Norwegian sailor. Just off ship. He seemed to like me. Bless. Little did he know... He even showed me his Granny, Slip and Reef. Knot!

Later on we had dinner on the veranda - a rather delicious steak accompanied with a marvellous local red wine and followed by a chocolate fondant. Yummy.

We topped the evening off watching a tango show.

An eventful day to say the least.
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