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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lovebox 2011...

The Lovebox 2011 line-up looks really good. SUNDAY A-Z: 2 Many DJs (Closing Main Stage set) // Azari & III // Black Devil Disco Club // Blondie // Dr Noki NHS // Feral AKA MC Kinky // Hard Ton // Horse Meat Disco featuring: Tensnake, The Shit Robot Show Live, Severino, Luke Howard, James Hillard, Jim Stanton // Jodie Harsh's Circus // Jonny Woo // Kelis // Marc Almond // MEN // Planningtorock // Robyn // Scissor Sisters // MANY MORE TBA

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  1. Thanks for the pointer - just booked my tickets for Sunday "gay day"!

  2. I've put together a playlist of top tracks from Lovebox Sunday 2011 : on Spotify and You Tube - hope you enjoy! :-)

  3. Thanks Matt. Good stuff.


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