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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Start Spreading the News...

Tomorrow Stuart and I are off to New York for ten days. It's Stuart's first time so we're planning on doing the full tourist thing. We're staying in midtown at the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street and more or less walking everywhere from there. The last time I was there was with David in 2001. New York (and the world) is a very different place now.

So we would be really interested if anyone has any tips or advice of places in New York that we really must see.

[Thanks to Sparky, David and Oscar for the advice so far]


  1. Anonymous7:24 am

    My top ten for tourists...
    1. Central Park
    2. Empire State Building
    3. Statue Of Liberty
    4. Times Square
    5. Rockefeller Center
    6. Brooklyn Bridge
    7. Ground Zero
    8. the Met
    9. Wall St
    10. China Town.


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