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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Lord Of The Rings: On Stage...

Last Wednesday Stu, Rog, Kevin and I went to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to see The Lord Of The Rings: On Stage (still in previews) - the first ever major stage adaptation of JRR Tolkien's classic trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

It was certainly a spectacular show to watch; great set, wind and smoke aplenty, grey and white wizards, flying elves, magic-wielding hobbits, bouncing back-flipping orcs, stilt-walking ents et al.

We lost count of the number of special effects; the flashing lights, the perpetual smoke, the hydraulic spinning stage and the actors on wires.

Oh and it was a musical too. The songs were not very memorable though and so it just served to slow the pace down.

My overall impression is: good show but a tad over ambitious. Needless to say gollum stole the show.

Best bit: the orcs coming out into the audience
Worst bit: the hobbits coming out into the audience

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