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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Marc Almond at Wiltons...

On Friday night we went to see Marc Almond at Wilton's Music Hall. It was good to see Marc back on stage after so long though he was all but crippled by stage-fright at times and, as he himself remarked, the show was all over the place. On Sunday we went to see him again however and it was a show transformed; better set list, better staging and better performance. He was essentially promoting his new album Stardom Road which is out June 4th. The track listing is:
1. I Have Lived
2. I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (featuring Sarah Cracknell)
3. Bedsitter Images
4. The London Boys
5. Strangers In The Night
6. The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men (featuring Antony Hegarty)
7. Stardom Road
8. Kitsch
9. Backstage (I’m Lonely)
10. Dream Lover
11. Happy Heart
12. Redeem Me (Beauty Will Redeem The World)
13. The Curtain Falls


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