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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Brother Sister 2007...

Those first impressions. By text:

BB: house weird and colourful. Sink and bath in living room. They have a fish telephone. Oven in bedroom. Four beds - sleep 4, 3, 2 and 1. Fridge in small garden. Astro turf. Small pool. Neon diary room and chair. All girl house mates so far.

1st two in are blond 18 year old pink-loving screechy girlie twins. Then 60 year old posh trout.

Then next was black stroppy jobless IT girl. Then weird druggy hippy pink-haired lezza (loving her!). Then Yorkshire Victoria Beckman wannabe. Then nervy Narinda clone. Then posh blond Tory Peaches clone.

Lastly we have a fat ugly enormous-knockered Welsh embalmer (loving her!, an Indian catholic misery and a old fat ugly political leftie bisexual Eastender (loving her!). So that's 11 girls in, no men. Man Friday?


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    I think the 'druggy hippy pink-haired lezza' was once a man! Check the press photos and scar around adams apple! Think he had it shaved.......

  2. Ah, so not a lezza then...


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