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Friday, May 25, 2007

Marc Almond in Concert...

Just in case you haven't heard:

Monday 9th July: Shepherds Bush Empire
Marc Almond returns to the stage this July following the release of his latest record 'Stardom Road' in July. After a near-fatal accident back in 2004, he started recording this musical journey of cover songs that have influenced Marc through his life and his significant growth as an artist.
Tickets available online @ TicketWeb or phone 0870 771 2000


  1. Anonymous8:15 am

    ...and it's on his 50th birthday too ! what a treat, i am flying from Italy especially for this !

  2. Cool. If you see me there say "hi"

  3. Anonymous7:40 am

    absolutely ! always love reading your blog although i don't comment that often !

  4. Hello Jonathan, I just ordered a ticket here and now... surprised that they are still available, just hope I can go now. Are you going to the Mermaid this evening? Fred and I met you a few years back in Amsterdam, remember?
    Cheers, Charles

  5. Anonymous5:51 am

    hey guys, that's class-meeting of the SUPERGROUPIES of Amsterdam and Brussels, isn't it? ;-) Missed you guys at Wiltons! Hanko

  6. Hi Charles! Hi Fred! (and of course Hi Hanko!) of course I remember you. It was quite some tour back in 2001!

    Glad to hear that you have ordered a ticket for Shepherd's Bush and hopefully you'll be able to make it.

    Sadly I'm not going to the Mermaid - all sold out well before it was common knowledge :(

    Don't forget to say "Hi" if you see me!

    We will probably go to a pub called 'The Green' before hand - it is on one of the corners of Shepherd's Bush Green (the big park in front of the venue)

    Hopefully see you there or at the gig!

  7. Anonymous2:23 pm

    If you miss out you can enter to win tickets and signed album online www.marcalmondstardom.com.

    Can't wait!


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