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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miss Diane...

Last night Stu treated me to a trip to Wembley Arena to see Miss Diane. No, not her from Crossroads... The fabulous Miss Diana Ross.

She was a diva-esque 25 minutes late on stage but we didn't care. She proceeded to do 100 minutes with no break: four costumes changes and all the hits. Big sound. Big frocks. Big hair. She was fantatsic.

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  1. I saw in Nottingham last week; there's a review on t'blog. But did she fluff any of the words? I counted five songs where she messed up.

    Also, I do think the budget could have stretched to a sax player for the Baby Love/Where Did Our Love Go solos. That just looked silly.

    Personal highlights: The Boss, Don't Explain, Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Everybody else's highlight: Endless Love.


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