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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Clutching At Spanners...

Kath and Kim fans come in all shapes and sizes - why there are 'little' fans like my friend Ben who might watch an occasional episode and smile here and there. "All very amusing", he'll say. And then there are big fans like me, Andy, Guy, most UK TV critics and the entire population of Australia who watch it at every opportunity usually with fine wine spouting out of our noses as we laugh, giggle, guffaw, snort, roll and/or roar at every gag.

But a new breed of Kath and Kim fan has recently been brought to my attention (yes, I'm talking about YOU Jennifer and Lucy!). These fans are so big that they leave we mere 'big' fans for dust. These new super-sized fans find that Kath and Kim consume their every waking moment. They are a type of uber-fan. A fan so dedicated that they design, develop and publish their own jaw-dropping Kath and Kim web site.

Yes, let me urge you to visit: Clutching At Spanners. Not least because it features a Kath And Kim Drinking Game (from an original concept by overyourhead) but also so you can just marvel at what can be achieved when you're a fan(atic) and have loads of time on your hands. Well done girls!

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