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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gay Pride...

Today is Gay Pride in London. And I along with (so the BBC expects) more than 30,000 people will be taking to the streets of London for the annual Gay Pride festival and parade. Taking time out from fronting Live8 Bob Geldof is kicking-off Pride march in Park Lane. Good for him. The march will go past Trafalgar Square where there will be a rally with the usual politicos. There will also be a cabaret in Leicester Square. Should be a right old giggle. Can't wait.

Gay Shame...

And later tonight I'm off to an evening of Gay Shame at the Coronet. It's Duckie's annual event that promises A Gay Grand Guinoil, A Homosexual Horror Show and A Funeral for Fag Fundamentalists (starring our own, our very own Kiki & Herb). It'll be the usual heady and bold mix of "clubbing and contemporary theatre in a visual and musical fantasia that is part Death Camp and part the Death of Camp."

We are urged to "wear black, look down and help put gay liberation back by 50 years. Hear confessions, explore obsessions and submit to depressions. Featuring Old Fashioned Illusions, Faggot Film Noir, Bad Porn, Public Health Warnings, Pathetic Peepshows, and 10 Spectacular Murders. This event is for Sad Old Queens, Lonely Lesbians, Closet Cases, Bitter Bull Dykes, Men who have sex with Men, and their Friends and their Fans."

As with all Duckie events - it'll be hilarious. Can't wait either.

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