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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Two Minute Silence at Noon...

It is expected that millions of people across Europe will join the people of London in a two minute silence, a week after the bombings that killed at least 52 and injured 700. The mayor, Ken Livingstone, has urged London buses and cabs to stop; Tube trains will still run but the silence, at 1200 BST, will be announced. People are being urged to stand outside homes and offices. A vigil will also be held at 1800 BST in Trafalgar Square.

UPDATE at 12:05: Berkeley Square is normally a bustling and noisy place with cars, lorries, cabs and people. But just now it was totally silent. About two thousand people came out of their offices at noon and just stood. In silence. The cabs stopped. The bikes stopped. The noise stopped. Very moving.

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