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Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Explosions...

13:55: Emergency services are attending three different Tube stations in London following a series of 'incidents'. There were unconfirmed reports of some kind of explosion and smoke at Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush stations. Also of an 'incident' on a bus (number 26) on the corner of Hackney Road and Colombia Road in Hackney, East London.

14:07: It is thought that they were three 'dummy' explosions using detonators which have sparked the evacuation of three Tube stations in London and the closure of three lines - Northern, Victoria and Hammersmith & City. The fourth 'dummy' explosion was the one on the bus.

14:12: The Hackney bus driver heard a bang at around 1.30pm which appeared to come from the upper deck. When he went upstairs to investigate, the windows on the upper deck were blown out. He then evacuated the bus and the police evacuated the surrounding area.

14:15: People told to get off their mobile phones in the affected area due to the possibility of potential unstable devices.

14:17: Reported that armed police gone into UCH hospital near Warren Street tube.

14:25: Passengers on the Victoria line train report that they smelt a burning electrical smell. They all tried to rush into the next carriage. Shortly after the train pulled into Warren Street - and the train and station was then evacuated. There are reports of a man carrying a rucksack which suddenly exploded. It was a minor explosion but enough to blow open his rucksack.

14:41: A witness says that at Oval a man with a rucksack was wrestling with three men and then managed to escape.

15:25: A man was also arrested by armed police at the gates of Downing Street.

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