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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Little Mouse With Clogs On...

I've got a mouse in my house. A friendly little guy who occasionally pops into the kitchen when we're not around. Well it use to be just occasionally. Now he's getting bolder. Coming back when we're in. Hiding behind the bin. Scratching around and making lots of noise. Tap dancing in clogs I'll be bound. And he's becoming a bit of pest. And I want him out. Dead or alive. So does anyone have any suggestion on how to get rid of him?

Get a cat?

Get a mousetrap? (Humane? Vicious spring-loaded? Electrocuting?)

What is good bait? (Cheese? Peanut butter?)

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  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    I had a little mouse and I wanted to get rid of him in a humane way with peanut butter as bait. Unfortunately, he got in the trap, ate the bait, poo-ed and escaped so I had to wait for him to get greedy and fat before the trap succeeded and I could release him into my neighbour's garden. My brother favours inhumane yet effective electric shock pads that electrify the mouse on contact. nice.


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