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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Which Blogger?...

Which popular blogger invited me round to his gaff last night?
(Such invitations are about as rare as a purple squirrel)
Which same blogger also cooked me dinner?
(Curry if you must know. And delicious it was too. His ability to cook apparently honed on feeding the five thousand every weekend in Norfolk)
Which same blogger showed me his wedding snaps and recent holiday snaps?
(Quite an eye for composition if a slight obsession with flowers)
Which same blogger also showed me his favourite comedy subtitles from porn films?
(Oh yes he did)
Which same blogger then treated me to a mini breakneck bus tour of East London followed by a pint at the George and Dragon?
(You really should charge, m'dear)
Which same blogger listened to me bang on about my personal woes with appropriate nods and comments that not only implied he was hearing but actually listening too?
(With precious few outward signs of boredom)
Which same blogger gets oodles of brownie points for being a friend and laying on a great evening?
(Let's do it again soon)

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