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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Trade Events @ Turnmills on Hold...
Press Release:

The Trade Collective have been working very closely with fellow club promoters, owners, press campaigns and local police to formulate ways of
stopping the growing menace of GHB. Some venues have had some success in attempts to try and stop this becoming a problem, but for others the problem is growing. We at Trade are more than happy for any venue, holding our events, to implement any procedures required to stop GHB. With strict searching policies and other precautions, we have had limited GHB problems with Trade Events @ Egg or Trade Tours.

However it is with the deepest regret that we have to inform you that Turnmills have decided to but on hold future events at their venue, as the last Easter party led to a number of GHB overdoses. Obviously we are deeply saddened at Turnmills decision, but we respect their decision with this growing menace.

The proliferation of GHB, in recent times, is a growing menace to the clubbing scene as a whole. A few individuals are in danger of ruining some
of the best clubs in the world, for the majority of sensible clubbers. When will these individuals wake up to the damage they are doing to your clubbing scene!

Trade @ Turnmills is just the first victim of the stupidity of a few.

The Trade Collective will continue to actively work with interested parties in supplying quality clubbing in a safe environment, free from GHB, for the majority of sensible clubber.


We are working on future Trade events at the moment, so keep an eye on our website and press for details.

The Trade Collective

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