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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Australia - Hungary - Nashville - Morocco...
The Easter weekend was four full days of debauchery and to be honest I'm pleased to be back in the saddle. Did I say 'saddle'? I mean harness.

Thursday night we had a delightful evening round at our Aussie friends Emma and Catherine. There was a house full of hard-drinking Australian women talking (at times very explicitly) about men, sex and Kath and Kim - how could we not have fun?

Up at the crack of dawn on Friday I was helping out a friend of mine with some techie stuff which ended up taking all day. Still had time for a beer in Comptons afterwards though. I then finally got a chance to meet up with my Hungarian blogmate, Kristof - but for all too brief a time; sadly I didn't see him again that this trip - next time, huh, Kristof?

More follow-up techie work on Saturday again took up a large part of the day but I still managed to squeeze in a beer or three with the oh-so-lovely Guy in Comptons. That night we went to Balans for dinner and then on to the Soho Theatre to see the oh-so-talented Rhinestone Cowgirl, Tina C. Straight from her World Peace Tour, Tina was in tip-top form delivering a fiercely political yet very funny show - Nikki and Kim, who came with us, were in stitches throughout. We cheered and cheered as the show drew to a close - and were rewarded with two encores - one being a rather sly take on Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 interspersed with rapping about minimum wage and migrant labour. Excellent.

Sunday we spent with Mark's brother, Paul, and his family which was lovely. We hadn't seen them since October last year and so still had Christmas gifts to exchange (!). The two Cow Parade figurines will take pride of place on our new sideboard. Later that night our flatmate Paul was back home and full of stories of his week's trip to Morocco. Mark and I resolved to go at the earliest opportunity.

Monday we had Ady and Carl over to play games. Much beer drinking was only briefly interrupted by the playing of Mario Kart, Monkey Tennis, Eye Toy Groove, Dance Mats, Monkey Bowling, Beach Volleyball and Ice Hockey.

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