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Monday, April 05, 2004

Saturday Night's Alright For (Foo) Fighting...
On Saturday afternoon (once I had finally got out of bed) Drew and I made it down to Bar Room Bar for David and Jason's birthday drinks. All the gang were there and it was an all too short time before we were jumping in a cab to rendez-vous with Mark, Ben, Sarah and Stephen to go and see the Scissor Sisters at the Astoria. The place was packed, but the Scissor Sisters only gave us a short show, just 70 minutes, due to the fact that there was equipment failure. So for ten minutes we talked amongst ourselves. The sound was crap too. All very disappointing. Shame really as the songs that they did were very good it's just that the momentum to the show had been lost by the long break in the middle.

Into the rain next we headed down to Vauxhall for Duckie. Ben and Sarah had never been before and we all had a great time bopping and boogying. It was nice to finally meet Roberto (David's boyfriend squeeze) who was a perfectly charming, very handsome yet comically sounding Italian guy. Quite a catch David. I think I mention below that I chatted to Kenny from Kiki and Herb for a bit before the serious task of the night - drinking and dancing. At one point they played Kate Bush's Wurthering Heights and the guy who normally gets up on stage to make a spectacle of himself did so again. Coincidentally Ben happened to be on stage at the same time and took the appearance of a stage rival as being his cue to dance in a Kate Bush styley too. A bit of pushing ensued which ended up with Ben being pushed off the stage and falling to the floor. Luckily he wasn't badly injured and picked himself up and got back on the stage. We almost wet ourselves for laughing. Full credit to him for not punching the guys lights out though. A 'frank and open' discussion later lead to an apology.

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