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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

All regular Blogger users have been given the chance to create accounts on Google's new 1Gb Gmail system early - part of their beta program I think. I thought I'd at least sign up - even if I don't use it much at first: privacy concerns etc. I was somewhat surprised that there are lots of good e-mail addresses still up for grabs - but I took one that I thought would be easy to remember (the FirstName.LastName variety) rather than wacky one. Hey, you can send me a test message to my new account if you like (see new gmail link on left column).

For those interested, this is the message that you get when you join.

First off, welcome. And thanks for agreeing to help us test Gmail. By now you probably know the key ways in which Gmail differs from traditional webmail services. Searching instead of filing. A free gigabyte of storage. Messages displayed in context as conversations.
So what else is new?
Gmail has many other special features that will become apparent as you use your account. You’ll find answers to most of your questions in our searchable help section, which includes a Getting Started guide. You'll find information there on such topics as:
How to use address auto-complete
Setting up filters for incoming mail
Using advanced search options
You may also have noticed some text ads or related links to the right of this message. They're placed there in the same way that ads are placed alongside Google search results and, through our AdSense program, on content pages across the web. The matching of ads to content in your Gmail messages is performed entirely by computers; never by people. Because the ads and links are matched to information that is of interest to you, we hope you'll find them relevant and useful.
You're one of the very first people to use Gmail. Your input will help determine how it evolves, so we encourage you to send your feedback, suggestions and questions to us. But mostly, we hope you'll enjoy experimenting with Google's approach to email.
Speedy Delivery,
The Gmail Team

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