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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Marc Took My Soul In Istanbul...
The Marc Almond concert last Thursday in Istanbul was amazing. Second only to the first Union Chapel gig. Yes, that good. It was held at the Roxy: an intimate subterranean venue just off Taksim Square with a bar down one side. Andrea, Claudia, Hanko and I arrived early and took up our places right at the front by the stage. Soon we were joined by Kevin from Brighton who I'd not met before. Boy, did he have some stories to tell! Tel Aviv's very own Shira made it just in time too. The super-groupies had arrived. And suddenly he was there; 11pm on the nose. Just a few inches away from us. The first few chords of She Took My Soul In Istanbul and the crowd went wild. Marc was indeed giving us a full show: full theatrics; full vocals; full band - Neal X on guitar, John (?) on keyboards and the fabulous Venomettes once again on strings; full 1 hour 35 minutes on stage and a set packed full of extended versions of rarely performed pieces was well as crowd pleasing classics. And what a blinding set list it was:
01. She Took My Soul In Istanbul
02. Tears Run Rings
03. Under Your Wings
04. My Hand Over My Heart
05. These My Dreams Are Yours
06. A Lover Spurned
07. Black Kiss
08. Bitter Sweet
09. Desperate Hours
10. Sheherezade
11. Black Heart
12. Mother Fist
13. Something's Gotta Hold Of My Heart
14. Ruby Red
15. Torment
16. Torch
17. Gone But Not Forgotten
18. Bedsitter
19. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
20. Tainted Love
[Thanko Hanko for helping with this]
We were all numb with pleasure afterwards and stayed dancing in the club chatting about how great it was.
Eventually we left (you can pick up the story elsewhere)

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Hanko and I had fun later (when very, very drunk I may add) making up our own Marc Almond Kebab Set List:
01. She Took My Kebab In Istanbul
02. Kebabs Run Rings
03. Under Your Kebabs
04. My Hand Over My Kebab
05. These My Kebabs Are Yours
06. A Kebab Spurned
07. Black Kebab
08. Bitter Kebab
09. Desperate Kebabs
10. Sheherezaded Kebab
11. Kebab Heart
12. Mother Kebab
13. Something's Gotta Hold Of My Kebab
14. Ruby Kebab
15. Tormented Kebab
16. Torched Kebab
17. Gone But Not Kebabed
18. Kebab-sitter
19. Say Hello Wave Your Kebab
20. Tainted Kebab

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