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Monday, April 05, 2004

Friday Night Fun (plus an exclusive)...
On Friday it was David and Jason's birthdays. Happy Birthdays, guys! To celebrate we (i.e. a big group of us) went to see Kiki and Herb's Mount The President show on HMS President. It was a fun show (I shall give nothing away in case you are going to see it) and our two heroes gave great performances. We're going back to see the show again on the last night (23rd April) when the London Readers Wifes will be DJing. Plus (I can exclusively reveal as I heard it from the horse's mouth): Marc Almond will be DJing for them on the Thursday night (22nd April). Quite some scoop, huh? So now I'm tempted to go then too. After last Friday's show I was in the bar chatting to Justin (Kiki) - who I insisted on calling Jason (I was a bit pie-eyed to tell you the truth) - and he was telling me about Jake from the Scissor Sisters being their neighbours in New York and that was why they (Kiki and Herb) are supporting them at their show at The Forum next week. He told me lots of other juicy gossip too which (a) I cannot repeat in print, and (b) I'm not even sure I remember it as fact as I was close to being paralytic anyway! Funnily enough I saw Kenny (Herb) the following night at Duckie and we had quite a long chat. He offered to buy me a drink too which was nice of him. Both Justin (see, I got his name right eventually) and Kenny are both really approachable guys and that is so nice to see - stars being nice to their (oh so gushing) fans.
Jonathan, Jason..  er...Justin I mean, Kevin Kenny joins the gang (don't touch the stars, Kevin, don't touch the stars!)
[Thanks to Mark for the snaps and the much needed cropping]

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