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Friday, January 24, 2003

Uncle Hedgehog's Back in Town...
Dave arrives today from Australia along with his friends the lovely and gorgeous Rich and Russ. They are here for three weeks and the three of them will no doubt be causing all sorts of mischief while they're here. Tonight we're meeting them for drink in Bar Code and then what? Who knows? ;)

Tomorrow evening Marky and I are going to the World Premiere of Sing-A-Long-A-Moulin Rouge at the Prince Charles cinema (thanks to the hunky and sexy Darren for organising the tickets). We're promised prizes for the best Ewan and best Nicole outfits plus lots of rousing and drunken revelry as we sing along to all the classics from what is one of my favourite films. And if Our Song doesn't bring a tear to Marky's and my eye I'll be a Dutchman's Uncle.

After the film/show we're meeting the delightful David, nubile Marcus et al and going to G-A-Y to see Soft Cell (performing 6 songs including their newie The Night). That will be a late and drunken one too.

As if that wasn't enough we planning to meet Dave, Russ and Rich for Sunday lunch prior to the RVT. And no doubt there'll be much minkering down Vauxhall way as the evening wears on.

It's stamina counts in the end, boys, it's stamina counts in the end.

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