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Friday, January 31, 2003

When series one of 24 was being shown on TV here last year I never really go into it. I watched the end of one episode and decided that it required far too much commitment on my part - 24 one hour shows just seemed too much to take. Then just before Christmas Marky bought the entire series on DVD (6 DVDs, 4 episodes on each one) and we thought we'd give it another whirl. And we were hooked. We'd watch three or four episodes at a time. If you've not seen the show it's an every-episode-is-one-hour kind of a thing, in this case in the life of a terrorism prevention unit in the States centring around the head of that unit, Jack, who's wife and daughter are kidnapped. The plot twists and turns and the action thrills and spills making for a white knuckle show. Mostly high drama. Sometimes melodrama. But always exciting.

The Sunday before last we finished a particularly long marathon session of watching four episodes on DVD in a row (all of them filled with the usual car chases, shoot-outs, screeching of tyres, helicopters flying overhead that we'd come to expect). Towards the end I dozed off to sleep. I was awoken at around 2am by a real helicopter flying overhead, what sounded like an explosion and the sound of screeching tyres in the street outside. But I must have been dreaming. The show was still in my head. So I dozed off again. But sure enough, when I woke up the next day it turned out that it hadn't been a dream at all. Finsbury Park Mosque, just up the road from us, had been raided by the police in full assault mode. Yikes! Art/Life Life/Art.

Well series two of 24 starts showing in a couple of weeks time here. But those naughty people at the BBC are doing something rather crafty nasty: they are showing the first episode on BBC2 (available everywhere) and then the following episode on the soon to be launched BBC3 (only available on digital TV). Bribery or blackmail? You decide. Either way, we'll be glued.

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