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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Jackson Sued over Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Ending...
Last week T-shirt and collectibles manufacturer, Ted Stroop, filed suit against Peter Jackson because the director's cut of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers did not end with the novel's cliffhanger of Frodo dead in Shelob's lair.

"How am I going to get rid of all this crap. I've got 'Frodo Lives' drink coolers. I've got 'Frodo Lives' bumper stickers, 'Frodo Lives' curl relaxer," said Stroop. "I can't believe Jackson could end the movie without the Frodo cliffhanger. The books don't end there. It's preposterous. Would you like a shirt? Two for A$10!"

A rather down in the mouth Stroop admitted that maybe he should've contacted Jackson before having 34 million of the shirts printed.

Long-time Tolkien fan Neil Layden commented, "I've read the books about sixteen times and I'm glad Jackson didn't end the movie with that cliffhanger. I would've had difficulty avoiding all the 'Frodo Lives' spoilers for The Return of the King."

"This is a frivolous lawsuit and should be dismissed on its lack of merit. It's not our responsibility to make sure the movies match the books word for word. That's what Harry Potter is for," offered Jackson. "I can cut the movie wherever I want too. I am deeply saddened, though, that I missed the opportunity to let yet another spoiler into the trailer for The Return of the King, that Gandalf one for The Two Towers was precious."

In addition to his lawsuit, Stroop petitioned New Line Cinema to break The Return of the King into two parts or at least provide an intermission after the encounter in Shelob's lair. "I could hawk the shirts then. It's a great idea. If they don't do that at least I might make some of it back with my 'Helm's Deep Emergency Exit' doors and my 'Gimli at the Laugh Factory' CDs," said Stroop.

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