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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

My weekend...
Drinks in town after work from 7pm with Dave, Russ, Rich and Marky. First Bar Code, then The Yard, then Comptons, then Bar Code again. Met some of Dave's friends including Jason, Neil, Danny and Darryl. Merrily by 12:30am we thought that Sleaze might be a good idea. Oh my deary, dear. Crawled home at 3-30am much the worse for wear.
Up early and to Expectations to do some work for Tony. Narrowly missed getting caught up in the Chancery Lane crash tube delays on way home. Then had eats prior to going to Sing-A-Long-A-Moulin Rouge with Marky. We downed a bottle of Absinthe between us before setting off (verdict: tastes horrible but boy does it pack a punch). The film itself was a riot. There was a 'best dressed' competition and lots of warm-up singing practice to kick the evening off. In our seats we were each given a goodie bag of a white handkerchief to cough up Nicole Kidman's blood, a party popper for the bit with the firework above the elephant, a glow stick to conduct the orchestra at the beginning, some 'diamonds' to wave in the air, some green glasses to watch the Kylie / Absinthe scene and also pretend to be Elton John during Our Song. We drank a lot, we bonded with our neighbours on both sides, front and back and best of all we sang our little hearts out. A great, great show and we both just loved it. Thank you Darren BIG TIME. I hope it becomes a regular fixture. After the film Marky tottered off home and I went to meet David, Marcus, Ian, Johnny, Luca and Phillipe in Bar Code prior to going to watch Soft Cell do a set at G-A-Y. The company was excellent, the gig less so. Marc tried his best to rouse the crowd but it was a bit of an uphill struggle. The running order was Memorabilia, Monoculture, The Night, Bedsitter, Tainted Love and Say Hello Wave Goodbye: a fairly predictable set which never seemed to really catch fire. Sure David and I were singing along to every word, but we were surrounded by people who probably weren't even born when Tainted Love was released. Much beer was consumed, of course, and I had a bit of a nightmare journey home at the end of the night. In bed by 5am.
(God, is it only Sunday? I feel as if I've been packing it in this weekend)
Up at the crack of noon to potter around the flat prior to meeting the boys down at the RVT. We got there by 4pm to make sure we got in and sure enough all my special and lovely people were there (all too many to mention here) but including Rob (who I did see) and Steve (who I didn't). I'm really pleased to say that Marky came too as he'd not been down to Vauxhall for some time. Dame Edna was on good form and we found ourselves dancing among a merry throng of party animals. Nice to see Seriol after such a long time too. A certain Darryl tempted me with some PSB stuff (amongst other things) and I must follow up on that! I love rarities. We tootled on home about 11ish for a well deserved sleep. What a weekend!

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